Hajisaheb Abdul Razzak E. Kalsekar

Noted businessman, Non-Resident Indian (NRI) and philanthropist, instrumental in establishing and running various educational institutions, charitable trusts and healthcare centers in Konkan region of Maharashtra.

Born in small village of Ratnagiri’s Rajapur Tehsil named ‘Dasur’, in a poor family. He understood the pain of poverty and illiteracy. After struggling in his early life, he migrated to UAE, later launching the popular perfume brand ‘Rasasi’ through the manufacturing unit Rasasi Perfumes Industry LLC (UAE). Today, Rasasi’s wide range of oriental and western fragrances is sold in 115 showrooms across the GCC. Internationally, its perfumes are available India, Afghanistan, Zambia, Libya and Yemen, among other countries.

He had special affection towards socioeconomically poor population back in India. His focus was to enable poor to improve their socioeconomic status by providing them with quality education and health services. He established under his patronage Kalsekar Trust, Kalsekar College, Kalsekar Polytechnic and Kalsekar Hospital among many other charitable institutions. His special interest lay in the education sector and he had established many schools, colleges and orphanages.

He was very much concerned towards the empowerment of women. Among his educational institutions, Kalsekar Girls Degree College for Women in Mumbra was established in order to provide quality education to girls. He also founded Pharos Educational Trust through which he patronised hundreds of students across India especially in Mumbai and Maharashtra, and donated huge amounts for the higher education of these poor students.

Healthcare being another subject close to his heart, he went ahead to established a 100 bed multispeciality Hospital known as Kalsekar Hospital in Mumbra suburb under Al Hamd Trust in 2010. His vision was to provide quality care to needy at very affordable cost. This is the only hospital in Mumbra suburb with state of the art facilities providing all kinds of healthcare services under one roof.

Late Abdul Razzak E. Kalsekar sahab passed away on 10th of Aug 2015 in Dubai survived by his wife, six sons and three daughters. His children are equally dedicated to fulfil his vision and all are actively involved in taking his legendary work ahead.

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