Why do you need a health check-up ?

Kalsekar Hospital understands value of your time, so we have combined world-class medical services to bring you the most comprehensive, streamlined Executive Health Check-up available.

  1. Detect health problems before they become threats
  2. Avoid risks due to hereditary health issues
  3. Prevent old health problems from returning
  4. Keep track of chronic conditions
  5. Be aware and prepared for age-related health issues

Do I need any kind of health check up ?

Health Check Program is for everyone. Especially those who have no symptoms, but who may have significant risk factors. With heart, lung, bowel, liver and kidney disease and cancer among the most common causes of long-term illness and premature death in the country, early detection is an important form of disease prevention.
For those with a personal or family history of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, chest pain, smoking or a sedentary lifestyle a Health Check should be considered at an early age.

What should I do before health check up ?

  1. Get sufficient rest.
  2. Stop eating and drinking 8 hours before examination.
  3. Wear clothes that offer convenience for drawing blood from near the elbow area.
  4. If suspecting of being pregnant, then inform the official in advance prior to the check-up.
  5. In collecting urine, allow the first portion to drain out and collect during the middle portion while urinating.
  6. In collecting stool, please avoid food that is blood such as pork blood, duck blood, and blood salad at least 3 days prior to the collection of the stool, to be collected on the morning of the check-up in a container provided by the Hospital.
  7. If you have previous X-Ray films, please bring them with you every time for your own benefit.
  8. Please avoid consuming food and water at least 8 hours prior to check-up.

What happens during health check up ?

Assessments are carried out in comfortable and welcoming surroundings with each client being assigned their own nurse to guide them through each stage of the health check in a calm and relaxed manner.
A qualified doctor will carry out the health check. Most of our units are able to provide preliminary results on the same day which will give the doctor the opportunity to discuss his/her findings in advance of the detailed written report which will follow within the next 7 days.
This report includes interpretation of all of the test results and recommendations for improving and maintaining health. Consultations and medical reports are completely confidential.

How should I book the health check up ?

Procedure is pretty simple. First of all you will have to select the package you wish to avail for your health check up. List of packages and further test details are available on this page via link #. Once selected you will have to call on hospital health check up desk at 8104242551 to inform about the package and suitable date you wish to perform the tests on. You will be provided with date and time as per availability of slots. You can also enquire about the overall cost of package and if any discounts are available. Please follow the instructions mentioned above before coming for health check up.

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