Who can get this facility ?

This unique service if available at Kalsekar Hospital for serving the patients who need medical attention but are unable to reach hospital. This service is only available for bedridden and old age patients.

How to avail this facility ?

You need to register the patient at Kalsekar hospital by calling on 8104242551. Once registered your call will be transferred to medical officer who will understand the current situation of patient and will suggest about type of care that will be needed for the patient. Once you agree for the treatment suggested, your call will be transferred back to help desk. Help desk will inform you about the charges. Once agreed by you our medical team will be on their way to assist your patient at home.

What to expect from this facility ?

Even though this facility is very useful for bedridden patients but it has its own limitations. Medical team visiting your patient at home will be able to provide only physical examination, blood sample collections, physiotherapy and primary treatments. For all treatments which require high end medical equipments, patients will have to be shifted to Kalsekar Hospital.Since medical team comprising of doctors or paramedical staff is provided at home, charges for this facility are on higher side as compared to charges at hospital considering travelling and time spent for the service.

Services covered under the facility

Following procedures would be covered under the home-care facility:

  1. Intramuscular injection
  2. Major Dressing and Minor Dressing (post-operative, bed-sores etc)
  3. Urinary catheterization (male urinary catheterization would be done by a Doctor)
  4. Nebulization
  5. Electrocardiogram (ECG)
  6. Blood pressure check
  7. Blood glucose monitoring by glucometer method
  8. Enema wash
  9. Bladder wash
  10. Stoma-care

Phlebotomy Services ( Blood Sample collection)

The Home-care facility of the laboratory would extend the phlebotomy services to the doorsteps of the patient. To avail of the facility one requires taking a telephonic appointment by dialing and requisitioning the tests. The hospital staff will give necessary instructions for the blood collection.


The Department of Physiotherapy is managed by highly dedicated and well-trained team of therapists. The home-care service provided by the Physiotherapy department would include :

  1. Home exercise therapy to rehabilitate the patient
  2. Pain relief using electrotherapy methods like short wave diathermy (SWD), transelectrical nerve stimulation (TENS), ultrasonic therapy
  3. Strengthen muscle weakness (facial palsy, foot drop) with the help of functional muscle stimulation
  4. Walking and gait training

The homecare facility would be useful for the patients who need physiotherapy, but who cannot come to the hospital such as in case of paralytic patient (recent-onset stroke), post-surgery (knee-replacement, hip-replacement), very acute and severe back or joint pain and any other acute orthopaedic or neurological conditions.

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