In this course, the participant would gain exposure to and obtain insight into the entire spectrum of Minimal Access Surgery (laparoscopy) as it exists today.  Participants for the Diploma Course shall observe many more live surgical procedures from 3 operating theatres during their 2 Years of training.  The range of surgical procedures includes Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy, Endohernia repair, Bariatric Surgery, Stapled Hemorrhoidectomy, Minimal Access anal fistula treatment, thoracoscopy, solid organ surgery and surgery for benign disorders at lower end of esophagus.

The Diploma Course is suggested for participants who would like to be exposed to the entire gamut of state of the art surgical techniques in Minimal Access Surgery.   Apart from Live surgery operative demonstration, the course offers Didactic Lectures, simulated endotraining, Instructional videos and participant interaction with faculty and operation theatre staff.  The course content covers Basics of laparoscopy, Equipment and Instrumentation, Creation and effects of pneumoperitoneum, Ergonomics, Port placements, Energy sources, Tissue approximation in laparoscopy.  All basic and most advanced laparoscopic procedures would be demonstrated and discussed in didactic lectures.  These lectures include OT layout, port placements, operative approach and retraction, surgical steps, complications and follow up.

Simulated endotraining consists of varied manoeuvres and exercises to develop and improve hand-eye coordination and to develop skills in laparoscopic suturing and knotting.  Instructional videos are provided to establish and reinforce concepts gained from live operative demonstrations and didactic lectures.

At the end of the Diploma Course, participants would have gained exposure and obtained a close insight into state of the art minimal access surgical techniques across a very wide range of surgical procedures both basic and advanced.

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