The cosmetic & aesthetic department at Kalsekar Hospital offers a complete range of medical and surgical aesthetic solutions for hair, skin and body all under a single roof at affordable cost. We provide comprehensive cosmetic care under the supervision of trained and experienced cosmetic dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons, aesthetic therapists and diet counselors. Our scientific approach and widely researched treatment modalities are safe, effective and ideal for all Indian skin types. As your skin is exposed to the inevitable stress of daily life and sun damage, we help you to protect and rediscover your youthful radiance that you rightfully deserve.

Procedures performed at Kalsekar Hospital:

  • Treatment of acne & acne scars
  • Pigmentation treatment (peel, polish)
  • Scar resurfacing
  • Anti-ageing (Botox, Fillers, Laser)
  • Hair fall treatment (Mesotherapy, Laser Hair Comb)
  • Meso-Lipo (for double chin & cellulite)
  • Sun-Spot & wart removal (Electrocautery)

Services Offered

  • Laser Hair Reduction : Laser hair reduction is the most popular and convenient option for permanent hair reduction of unwanted hair. We have a long pulse Nd : YAG laser. It is US FDA approved for permanent hair reduction for all skin types.
  • Laser Facial Rejuvenation (Photofacial) : Collagen & Elastin are major components of connective tissue in dermis that gives strength and flexibility to skin. With age, skin’s ability to replace damaged collagen decreases causing wrinkles on skin. Photo-facial is the best treatment for this where low fluence light is delivered to the dermis of the skin stimulating the fibroblasts to form new collagen. This results in improvement of elasticity of skin, reduction of open pores and fine lines, smoothening of texture. It is a fast, painless, safe procedure giving radiant and youthful appearance.
  • Dermaroller (Micro-Needling) : Dermaroller is a prepacked sterile micro needling device which is used for indications such as Acne scars, wrinkles, stretch marks. Micro needle stimulates new collagen (building blocks for skin) formation and collagen remodeling. This leads to scar remodeling, skin rejuvenation and fading of stretch marks.
  • Mole & Wart Removal (Electrocautery /Radio Frequency) : Electrocautery is an apparatus by which high voltage, high frequency electric current is converted into heat energy which is used to treat various skin conditions. For e.g. Skin tags (around neck, underarms, breast folds or face), warts, moles, sun spots, freckles and milia. It is done after applying topical anaesthesia cream or by injecting anaesthesia into skin, which makes it a much painless OPD procedure.
  • Intralesional Steroids : Intralesional steroid injection is given in the skin affected with large nodular acne, keloids and certain dermatological conditions.
  • Botox : Botox is US FDA approved natural purified protein. When injected directly into skin muscles, it relaxes the muscle and thus results in elimination of dynamic wrinkles on face & neck. The effect lasts for 4 to 6 months. Time required for each sitting is 30 minutes. It ensures to take off at least a decade off your face.
  • Mesobotox : Botox in diluted form is used to smoothen the fine lines on face and neck with botox injection. It also helps to tighten the open pores making it much less prominent.
  • Dermal Fillers : Filler is Hyaluronic acid in gel form used to fill static wrinkles and folds. They are used for enhancement of lips and correction of deep folds. Improvements are seen immediately after injection. Effect lasts for 6-9 months. Time required for each sitting is 30 minutes.
  • Ear / Nose Piercing : Piercing is done with the piercing gun by driving pointed starter ring/stud through the ear lobe or through ear/nose cartilage. It is done with pre-packed sterilized studs; and is done taking all the sterile precautions and is done within seconds of time.
  • Mesotherapy : Mesotherapy for scalp hair regrowth is a non surgical treatment that employs injections into the scalp of mixture containing various cytokines (IGF, Fibroblast growth factors, vascular endothelial growth factors), coenzymes, vitamins, amino acids, minerals & nucleic acids. It helps to reduce hairfall, stimulates new hair follicle formation and thickens the hair shaft, thus improving the hair density. It is a painless procedure done within 15-20 minutes, where no post injection care is required.
  • Meso-Lipo : It is done for double chin /cellulite reduction. Injection of phosphatidylcholine helps in melting the fat cells (lipolysis of adipocytes).
  • Special Use : It is also used with certain special medicines for skin rejuvenation, pigmentation treatment, and whitening.
  • Laser Hair Comb : The new FDA approved Hair Max Laser Hair Comb can rejuvenate lifeless thinning hair to its former state. It uses the principle of Photo Bio Stimulation wherein a low-level, cold-beam laser arranged like the teeth of a comb is used to stimulate the follicles and increase scalp blood flow.
  • Acne / Acne Pigmentation / Acne Scar Treatment : We offer different modalities of treatment for each of these problems. It includes Peels, Microdermabrasion, Photo rejuvenation, Dermarollers, Subcision of acne scars & fillers.
  • Skin Lightening Treatment / Peels : Peels are acids derived from fruit juice. It removes dead skin cells by chemical exfoliation thus decreasing uneven pigmentation. It also promotes collagen production and continued use, stimulates new cell growth which over the time makes skin appear more youthful and helps in lightening of skin pigmentation. Few peels also help to treat the acne and also prevents it recurrence, with their property to unclog the skin pores.
  • Clean Up : Clean ups are done to remove black heads and white heads. Clean up is a procedure by which black-heads (open comedones and white heads (closed comedones) are removed from the skin. It cleanses the pores and gives you a clearer and smoother looking skin.
  • Facials :
    1. Rejuvenating Glow Facial : Treat that dull lifeless skin with Rejuvenating Glow facial, which gives you fresh, smooth, glowing skin with the use of polishing, clean-up and gentle massage.
    2. Skin Hydrating Facial : Hydrating Facial is ideal for dull and dry skin. It restores the skin moisture with the treatment ‘Skin Ionization’ and gives you that supple soft skin.
    3. Anti-Tan Facial : Get rid of your tan with our Anti-tan Facial. Combination of skin peel (Chemical derived from fruit acid) and clean-up helps to fed away tanning and pigmentation.
    4. Three Dimensional Glow Facial : Three dimensional facial treats your skin with Polishing, Ionization and Clean-up to give you that super glowing fresh skin.
  • Skin Polishing (Microdermabrasion) : Skin polishing is superficial peeling of the uppermost layer of skin allowing a smooth fresh skin to merge, thus correcting surface irregularities & pigmentation. It is advised for uneven texture, hyper pigmentation, post acne scars, fine lines and sun damaged skin. The result is instant revived glowing complexion, seen after the very first sitting.
  • Ionisation/ Hydration Treatment : Ionization is done for the patients who have dry skin, Ionization helps to hydrate the skin and make skin soft and supple.
  • Non-Surgical Face Lift : It is done with the help of micro current. It is used to restore sagging muscles back to original tone. It also helps to soften wrinkles and enhance complexion. The total number of sittings required depends upon the inherent muscle tone, age.

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