• Kalsekar hospital has fully equipped state of the art Blood bank situated on ground floor.
  • Blood bank is functional round the clock throughout year.
  • Blood bank has all quality and FDA approvals for storage and issue of whole blood and blood components.
  • Blood bank has been a blessing to Mumbra and vicinity residents as there is no other blood bank available in case of emergency requirement.
  • Kalsekar Hospital accepts blood donations from voluntary blood donors, relatives and friends of patients,donations are processed between 10 am to 5pm.
  • Following blood components are available at blood bank along with whole blood
    • Red Blood Cells : Cells that carry Oxygen to and from tissues and Organs.
    • Platelets : Cells that form clots to control bleeding.
    • Plasma : Liquid part of blood that helps clotting, needed If you have been badly burned, have Liver failure or a severe Infection.
  • Kalsekar blood bank is equipped with state-of-the-art tools and advanced techniques to process and screen blood and its various components. All blood donations are carefully screened for each patient’s safety.

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