The Accident & Emergency department at Kalsekar Hospital is 11 – bedded state of the art facility, dealing with a wide spectrum of patients with acute emergencies like fits, fall injuries, severe and unstoppable bleeding and loss of consciousness, poisoning, breathing difficulties, sports injuries, head and spinal cord injuries, paediatric emergencies, industrial accidents, burns, injuries, cardiac arrest and trauma etc. (including the critically ill, injured or life threatening conditions) for initial evaluation, resuscitation, treatment, investigation, stabilization, monitoring and referrals where required.

Department is strategically located on Ground floor of Hospital, it provides easy and uninterrupted access from outside for the transfer of patients on stretchers or wheelchairs, separate path is provided for ambulance and private vehicles.

The department is managed by a team of trained and highly experienced emergency doctors and nursing staff committed to providing quality emergency care with the highest level of expertise to meet strict international standards. Department receives, stabilizes and manages all kinds of patients who present with any acute emergency.

Our team of doctors, nurses and paramedics with help of Consultants, Intensive Care Unit and other support services provide urgent and high quality medical care to patients round the clock.

Critical care provided within the ‘golden hour’ improves the chances of survival. Well-marked and clearly visible signage avoids any wastage of time for those coming in with an emergency.

Highlights of Accident & Emergency Dept:

  • Triage area dedicated for prioritising the emergencies.
  • A dedicated minor operation theatre for performing minor procedures.
  • Separate triage beds with portable oxygen cylinders.
  • 2D echo machines, cardiac monitors, portable x-ray, sonography and ventilators.
  • Defibrillator and resuscitation equipment.
  • Dedicated elevator only for Accident & Emergency Department for instant relocation of patients to the intensive care units and operating rooms.
  • Trauma management accessories that include hard spine board, Philadelphia Cervical Collar, Pelvic binder, Pressure bags, Steristrips, etc.
  • Well equipped cardiac Ambulance manned by trained personnel.
  • American Heart Association (AHA) certified Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) trained team of Doctors and nurses.

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