About Kalsekar Hospital
Kalsekar Hospital is an ultra modern 100 beded, healthcare facility, well equipped by state-of-art technology and has on its panel, a team of well-qualified, Experienced and dedicated Medical, Nursing & paramedical staff, ready to relieve the misery of the patients.

Situated at the foot hills of a mountain range amidst lush green, science surrounding, Kalsekar Hospital is the dream of a visionary, philanthrophist, Hajisaheb A. E Kalsekar. Hajisaheb realised that Mumbra(Mumbai-India) did not have adequate healthcare facilities to meet the healthcare needs of 12 lack population. The kalsekar hospital was thus planned by the trustees of the Al-Hamd Trust to meet this inadequacy
To be a healthcare destination where high end technology and medical expertise blend with compassionate and personalized care to meet the health needs of all our patients whose care is our primary purpose and mission.
To provide highly sophisticated medical care at the most economical price with special focus on providing prevantive, promotive, curative & rehabilitative services in a human manner to all sections of society with special emphasis on ameliorating the suffering of the indigent.
Our values
  • Integrity, Empathy & Responsiveness.
  • To Foster empowerment & Bonding among Staff.
  • To provide the best available medical care at the most economical price.
  • Continous Quality Improvement.
  • To adopt innovative, ethical, best business practices
  • To adopt the latest and the best medical technology so that patient gets holistic treatment under one roof.
  • To maintain calm, serene, aesthetically appealing and emotionally soothing environment in the hospital.
  • Continuous training of the staff to ensure that they complete the job on hand efficiently and with minimum of wastage of time and energy.
Quality policy
We are committed to Quality as an integral part of our total operations with the goal of achieving clinical excellence and patient satisfaction and safety by continually improving our capability to identify, develop and provide services that are valued by our patients and result in good clinical outcomes.
Chairman's Message

Late Abdul Razzak E. Kalsekar

Kalsekar Hospital is the dream of a visionary philanthropist Hajisaheb Abdul Razzak E. Kalsekar.

When he visited Mumbra he has realised that Mumbra did not have adequate healthcare facilities to meet the healthcare needs of its Population. So he has thought of making a Hospital which will be within the reach of normal people. Under the Al Hamd Trust the Kalsekar Hospital was made.

It is a multi specialty 100 bedded hospital with Team of Expert Doctors available round the clock.